Content Spreader (unpaid internship)

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Content Spreader (unpaid internship)

At AirShaper, we've done our best to generate cool content that appeals to a wider audience. But we feel it is not living up to its full potential in terms of reach. That is why we are looking for a passionate content spreader!

The goal is to pick up existing AirShaper content (videos, blogs, ...) and share it in the most relevant locations:
- Answers and comments to posts on Quora, Reddit, ...
- Contact and post in relevant groups (facebook, Linkedin, ...)
- Interact with other YouTubers to find connections
- Contact relevant websites (tech, drones, cars, ...)
- ... other creative ways to spread the word!

Passion & professionalism are the main traits we're looking for:
- Enthusiasm & respect when talking to other people online
- Dedication & precision when it comes to writing content
- Fluent in English (strong preference for native English speaking students)
- Strong preference for students with a technical passion / background

So, what's your reward?
Yes, this is an unpaid internship, so we can't make you happy in that regard.
Instead, we offer:
- A chance to interact with others in a very exciting scene
- Weekly coaching/updates
- A chance to learn how to growth hack content spreading
- A chance to build a strong network

There is no fixed duration for the internship, but we've learned that 3 months is the minimum to make it rewarding for both parties.
It's not a full-time internship and the weekly effort can be discussed.

Interested? Drop us an email!

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Awards and Support

  • Solar Impulse
  • iMec
  • Voxdale
  • Professional MotorSport World Awards – MotorSport Technology of the Year

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  • KU Leuven
  • Inholland
  • Linkoping University