carlos zumelzu - Mechanical engineer, specialist in conception of composite materials systems

carlos zumelzu

Mechanical engineer, specialist in conception of composite materials systems - Marseille, France
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Hi, i am Carlos and i consider myself a determined person firs. Everything i do, i like to do it right. I am also able to adapt really quick and i like changes as they are one of the most important parts in what being a professional is about. I learn fast as i intend to get smarter and better every day and new softwares come in hand pretty easy to me. 

Collaboration is something i enjoy as much as most other people. I indicate my value working as part of a team, but i am also comfortable working independently when required. I am likely to listen and support others when this is important or will benefit the tasks i have undertaken. Generally, i work well with other people and i am likely to share knowledge with peers to help each other succeed. 

I generally strike a balance between using tried and tested approaches to solve problems, versus appreciating the benefit of new and innovative solutions. I am reasonably curious and comfortable to experiment with new ideas and approaches. I may even challenge convention if the situation allows it. This means i am likely to spend some time seeking opportunities to improve operations and business. 

Adapting to changing circumstances, challenges and new environments is likely to come easily. I am comfortable with change and i am likely to take a tolerant and flexible approach. As i tend to prefer variety in my day, i am also likely to be easily bored by very routine or repetitive situations and embrace new tasks. 

I am happy to take the lead in situations where i feel confident or are in my comfort zone. I will be happy to influence and persuade people but will probably not go out of my way to put across a differing, or unpopular, point of view to others. Together with confidence in communication, i make a positive personal impression on others. 

I prefer a steady pace of work. Rather than being challenged to complete high volumes of work, i prefer to fully focus on one thing at a time. I am relatively tolerant of working in situations where small mistakes or changing timelines occur. I may have a more flexible approach by taking things as they come rather than individually pursuing a defined goal. 

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  • Professional MotorSport World Awards – MotorSport Technology of the Year

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