Airplane design #1 - A Peugeot Designer's Vision


Airplane design #1 - A Peugeot Designer's Vision

For part 2, check this link: For part 3, check this link: In this video on Airplane design, someone else will do the talking. Some time ago I met Yong Wook Sin who works at the Peugeot design center. As it turns out, even during his free time, he likes to create cool stuff, like a futuristic electric airplane. For the full interview, check out this link: He spoke about using CAD programs to make 3D designs for his ultralight solar plane and using aerodynamics to calculate the possibility of keeping the airplane in the air indefinitely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AirShaper videos cover the basics of aerodynamics (aerodynamic drag, drag & lift coefficients, boundary layer theory, flow separation, reynolds number...), simulation aspects (computational fluid dynamics, CFD meshing, ...) and aerodynamic testing (wind tunnel testing, flow visualization, ...). We then use those basics to explain the aerodynamics of (race) cars (aerodynamic efficiency of electric vehicles, aerodynamic drag, downforce, aero maps, formula one aerodynamics, ...), drones and airplanes (propellers, airfoils, electric aviation, eVTOLS, ...), motorcycles (wind buffeting, motogp aerodynamics, ...) and more! For more information, visit

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