Increasing sports performance.
Wind loads for renewables.
Increasing cornering speeds.

improve aerodynamics in 3 easy steps


    Upload your 3D model

  • Set wind speed & orientation
  • Choose simulation accuracy
  • Order & launch your wind tunnel simulation

Our virtual wind tunnel algorithm will create & run a CFD simulation around your 3D model.

You'll be looking at the results in no time.


Dive into the details of the full aerodynamic simulation report that you receive with every project and improve your 3D CAD design!


To make athletes go faster and drones fly further, optimizing aerodynamics is key.

    With AirShaper you can:

  • Increase top speed
  • Optimize lift & drag
  • Gain the defining last bit of performance

With ever strict regulations, keeping emissions and energy consumption under control is a prime concern for transportation.

    With AirShaper you can:

  • Find & tackle sources of aerodynamic drag
  • Save fuel & extend range

From an alley between buildings to the deck of a luxury yacht, air flow impacts wind comfort & wind safety.

    With AirShaper you can:

  • Detect & eliminate high speed wind zones before a design is even built.
  • Reduce wind noise for vehicles, planes and buildings


Joost Vandendries

"With AirShaper, I increased my top speed by almost 20km/h!"

Joost Vandendries

"A super-fast wind tunnel simulator. Exactly what I hoped it would be."

Frank De Cock
Fred Pieri

"Very efficient for a quick first idea on the aerodynamic efficiency."

Fred Pieri


Aquilo - AirShaper origins

Aquilo – AirShaper origins.

A car designed around a patented aerodynamic concept. Using the wind to give an extra lateral push when it turns, it has an average 2 km/h advantage over other sport cars in high-speed corners. From Wouter Remmerie’s dream project to the Origin story of AirShaper.

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Joost Vandendries

Joost Vandendries – Speed skiing over 200 km/h.

In a sport where speed is your main goal and you don’t have an engine to rely on, aero becomes all the more important. By using AirShaper, Joost Vandendries increased his top speed by almost 20 km/h!

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Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi – Put to the test.

Putting the new Tesla Semi truck design to the test. What are the actual advantages of this sci-fi looking truck compared to those we all know? We put it to the test comparing it to a top brand.

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