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SenseFly Extending drone range
Speed Ski Increasing sports performance.
Tiger Power Wind loads for renewables.
Aquilo Increasing cornering speeds.

Workflow Aerodynamic design in 3 easy steps


Upload your 3D model

  • Set wind speed & orientation
  • Choose simulation accuracy
  • Order & launch your wind tunnel simulation


Our cloud-based virtual wind tunnel software will run a CFD simulation around your 3D model. You'll be looking at the results in no time.

Insight & improvement

Dive into the details of the full aerodynamic simulation report that you receive with every project and improve your aerodynamic design!

Benefits Improve aerodynamics to reach your goals

Increase performance

Increase performance

To make athletes go faster and drones fly further, optimizing aerodynamics is key.

With AirShaper you can:

  • Increase top speed
  • Optimize lift & drag
  • Gain the defining last bit of performance
Reduce emissions

Reduce emissions

With ever strict regulations, keeping emissions and energy consumption under control is a prime concern for transportation.

With AirShaper you can:

  • Find & tackle sources of aerodynamic drag
  • Save fuel & extend range
Improve comfort

Improve comfort

From an alley between buildings to the deck of a luxury yacht, air flow impacts wind comfort & wind safety.

With AirShaper you can:

  • Detect & eliminate high speed wind zones before a design is even built.
  • Reduce wind noise for vehicles, planes and buildings

Testimonials Approved by your peers

Belgian Speed Skier "With AirShaper, I increased my top speed by almost 20km/h!"

Founder Power Solutions "A super-fast wind tunnel simulator. Exactly what I hoped it would be."

Ozone Paraglider designer "Very efficient for a quick first idea on the aerodynamic efficiency."

Cases Aerodynamics are everywhere

Sense Fly


There are plenty of options to keep a drone in the air: rotary wings, with their upward-pulling propellers, have great maneuverability but consume a lot of power to even just hover. Fixed wing drones with conventional wings and forward-pushing propellers, like normal planes, are efficient but need to be launched somehow. And blimps can hover virtually forever, but aren’t very fast. So the drone of choice will depend heavily on the needs of your business.

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Porche 911

Porche 911

Porsches get better with every model. And the recipe is quite simple: you take the previous model, improve every single bit and there you go - the new 911 is faster & prettier than the last one. It's basic evolutionary theory.

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Matt Hall Racing

Matt Hall Racing

Over the weekend, most people tend to relax: enjoy a barbeque, watch a movie, sleep in. Some people, however, get into their aerobatic airplane and compete in the Red Bull Air Race: using the fastest, most agile, lightweight race planes, pilots hit speeds of 370kph while enduring forces of up to 12G as they navigate a low-level slalom track marked by 25-metre-high, air-filled pylons. Yes, 12G: twelve times your own body weight, double the amount Formula 1 race drivers experience!

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