How does it work?

At AirShaper, you don't need to be an aerodynamics expert. Focus on what matters and we'll take care of the rest!

1. Upload your 3D model

Simply drag & drop the file containing your 3D creation into the Airshaper website to upload your model.

2. Define your study

Set the wind speed, position the model in the wind and choose the required accuracy.

3. Pay & calculate

Pay for the calculation using pre-paid credits and the server will automatically process your model, calculate the aerodynamics and turn the results into useful data.

4. Analyse the results

AirShaper's integrated 3D viewer provides you with insights into the flow around your design. We'll also provide you with lift & drag forces, and even hints on how to improve your design!

5. Redesign your creation

Improve the design in your own CAD programme, based on what you've learned.

6. Iterate!

Upload the improved design and see how you've improved!


A solution for each phase of the design process. Have a look at our sample reports.

Concept 200€ per simulation
  • Compare initial concepts
  • 2 million cells
  • Results within hours
  • Automatic PDF report
  • Downloadable 3D results
Standard 500€ per simulation
  • Compare detailed designs
  • 10 million cells
  • Results within days
  • Automatic PDF report
  • Downloadable 3D results
High end 1.500€ per simulation
  • Finetune the last details
  • 40 million cells
  • Results within days
  • Automatic PDF report
  • Downloadable 3D results


Need advice? Need to go faster? Need more visuals? No worries, our options have it covered.

Expert advice 500€
  • One of our experts will personally provide comments on your calculation report
Superfast 200€
  • We'll increase the computational power to provide results twice as fast
Full data 200€
  • Go beyound the standard 3D result files and make your own visualizations


Simply view the results inside your browser and get inspired for your next design!

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