From start to finish Aerodynamics in each phase of the design process.



Want to run just a single or a few simulations? Then simply pay per simulation - no monthly fees, no setup cost, all of the features.


Want to add continuous aerodynamic insight to your design process? Then go for our subscription and use credits to run simulations and shape optimizations at lower cost or get consultancy.


Need support beyond simulations to (re)build your 3D model, define an aerodynamics strategy or run a project from A to Z? Then hire us!

Fixed prices per simulation The right aerodynamic simulation for each 3D model

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 Start a simulationStart a simulationStart a simulation
Design Purpose Compare initial design conceptsCompare detailed designsTweak final designs
Resolution (+- 20%) Low (1 million cells)Medium (10 million cells)High (50 - 100 million cells)
Mesh comparison
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  • AltRegular
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Accuracy Order-of-magnitudeIntermediateHigh
Rotating Elements
Force Data Whole objectPer componentPer component
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Raw Data
Full PDF report
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Analyze your design & improve it yourself based on the aerodynamic results.
Simulation time 30 minutes to 4 hours *3 to 10 hours *1 to 3 days *
One-off Pricing
Subscription Pricing


Let our Aerodynamic Shape Optimization morph your design to improve the aerodynamics.
Simulation time 5 to 10 hours *1 to 3 days *
One-off Pricing
Subscription Pricing

* Simulation times can deviate from stated values depending on the geometry & setup of a project. AirShaper cannot be held liable for longer simulation times.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICING Continuous Aerodynamic Insight

Unlock lower pricing through our subscription

For , you'll get 500 credits (valid for 12 months) that you can spend freely on simulations (500 Basic, 50 Regular or 10 Advanced simulations or a combination) or project consultancy (10 credits per hour)

Aerodynamic design support Aerodynamic Project Consultancy from A to Z

Personal Aerodynamic Assistance

Hire us as an expert to help (re)design your creation. Together with you or independently we can boost the aerodynamic performance, aerodynamic efficiency or aerodynamic safety of your project.

CUSTOM PRICING Tailored Solutions

Solutions for Professionals

Ask us about our custom pricing options tailored to your project. Whether you're working on a one-off project or you need aerodynamic simulations on a continuous basis, AirShaper is flexible to create individual structures matching your needs. AirShaper can also provide you with a custom quote for full project support beyond the simulations.

Academic Package Aerodynamic Insight for Students

Academic Simulation Package

As a student, you can get 8 Basic Simulations for (worth - 75% reduction). Contact us for more information.

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