Lowie Vermeersch talks #4 - The Dallara Stradale


Lowie Vermeersch talks #4 - The Dallara Stradale

Other parts of this interview: - Part 1 - Ferrari 458 to Lightyear One: https://youtu.be/o4Yv5hynV1Q - Part 2 - Lightyear One Solar Car: https://youtu.be/TKHjyC_L0OM - Part 3 - Autonomous Vehicle Design: https://youtu.be/xw-B_yTU4mY The Italian company Dallara has been building race cars for decades, like the IndyCar IR18, the Formula 3 F3 2019 and the Formula E gen1 and gen2. The founder of Dallara, Giampolo Dallara, has long dreamed of building their own road car and now it's finally there: the Dallara Stradale (Stradale means "road-going"). It has been featured on Top Gear, driven by Chris Harris! Lowie Vermeersch & Granstudio have once again applied their magic to merge high-performance aerodynamics with pleasing aesthetics. And this video also covers his take on the future of sports cars and their place in our (possibly autonomous) future. Dallara are super experts in aerodynamics. Still, through the interaction with Granstudio, some aspects of the aerodynamics were changed. The essence of this car is the combination of low weight and aerodynamics. The car creates a lot of vertical pressure, pushing the car against the ground. As it weighs just 800kg, there's not a lot of force wanting to push it out of the corner and thus the relative importance of aerodynamics (and the increase in normal pressure/friction on the tires it provides) makes the car go a lot faster through the corners. The speeds are so high that your mind thinks it's not possible. It creates so much downforce that it could almost drive upside down: the car weighs 850kg and it creates around 820kg of downforce! But will pure sports cars still be relevant in the future, when we're all driving around in autonomous vehicles? The future that Lowie & Dallara see is the following: We'll need to move ourselves in much more efficient ways (shared vehicles, ...) to help society. We'll need to take a bit of individuality out of our daily movements. On the other hand, it's important to leave room for the Homo Ludens, the playful person, to satisfy what Lowie calls "the pleasure principle": no plan for society will work if it asks us to act according to numbers. They like to see a future where during the day you move yourself using public transport, shared vehicles and perhaps your own efficient car. And then you go to the track to use (not own) a race car to get that very physical special experience. That's the place they see for a vehicle like the Dallara Stradale in a multi mobility society. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AirShaper videos cover the basics of aerodynamics (aerodynamic drag, drag & lift coefficients, boundary layer theory, flow separation, reynolds number...), simulation aspects (computational fluid dynamics, CFD meshing, ...) and aerodynamic testing (wind tunnel testing, flow visualization, ...). We then use those basics to explain the aerodynamics of (race) cars (aerodynamic efficiency of electric vehicles, aerodynamic drag, downforce, aero maps, formula one aerodynamics, ...), drones and airplanes (propellers, airfoils, electric aviation, eVTOLS, ...), motorcycles (wind buffeting, motogp aerodynamics, ...) and more! For more information, visit www.airshaper.com

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