Aerodynamics for student teams F1 in schools

F1 in schools is an international competition in which students from all over the world design, build and race miniature Formula One style cars powered by compressed air cylinders. The track is straight and each race is a shakedown between two competing cars. Setting the fastest time is key to win the race and to advance in the championship!


In all of this, aerodynamics is key. The air can be used to:

  • generate downforce or lift at the front / rear
  • stabilize the car on a straight line
  • reduce drag, leading to faster acceleration and higher top speed

Teams can now apply for a free AirShaper package to support their aerodynamic developments:

  • Receive 8 credits (enough to run 8 Basic Simulations)
  • Share projects with fellow students & teachers
  • See the simulations of other teams across the globe, creating a truly open-source spirit. That means all teams will have access to a global "F1 in schools" project list in which all simulations of all "F1 in schools" teams will be listed as public projects.

Conditions to apply:

  • The AirShaper package must be requested by the teacher or another member of staff of the school. This must be done via an official email address of the school.
  • One AirShaper package per school (the credits can be shared across different teams)
  • The teams must promote AirShaper
  • Prior to obtaining the package: at least 2 social media posts on the official pages of the school announcing the upcoming collaboration with AirShaper (Facebook, Linkedin, ...) as well as on the team`s official own web page. The posts must include a reference to the official AirShaper website ( and/or the AirShaper page on the respective social channel, featuring the AirShaper logo. Example: "Excited about AirShaper proving our team with sponsored credits to optimize the aerodynamics of our car!"
  • The teams must include AirShaper in their official portfolio submitted during the "F1 in schools" challenge.
  • Once the competition is over, the teams must write a short story on social media to illustrate their experience with AirShaper (again including links to AirShaper and the AirShaper logo). These posts should include some nice visuals drawn from the AirShaper 3D result viewer, preferably detailing the aerodynamic differences between design iterations.

To apply, please send an email to

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