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Optimizing the aerodynamic behaviour of VTOL drones is becoming more important as the application of drones continues to increase Read More

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A CFD analysis of the Audi TT spoiler

Geoff Dymott
Geoff Dymott

We used AirShaper software to analyse the aerodynamic effect of the Audi TT spoiler that was added to solve the original TTs high speed stability issues Read More

From supercar to hypercar - the Lamborghini Rayo

Geoff Dymott
Geoff Dymott

7x Design used AirShaper shape optimization software to convert a Lamborghini Huracan supercar to a Lamborghini Rayo hypercar achieving speeds of more than 300mph Read More

The largest full size wind tunnel in the world - NASA

Geoff Dymott
Geoff Dymott

NASA has the largest full size wind tunnel in the world at the National Full Scale Aerodynmamics Complex (NFAC) But what are the challenges and benefits of testing at full scale? Read More

Electrict Aviation - The Byfly Seaplane

Sathvik Sathyanarayana Rao
Sathvik Sathyanarayana Rao

We are designing a versatile all-electric amphibious aircraft to transport people and goods. The amphibious aircraft concept we are developing is a flying boat type and it uses a hull-based fuselage to meet the hydrodynamic requirements for the aircraft to take-off and land on the water bodies. Operation from land airports is achieved through the retractable landing gear system onboard the aircraft. Read More

Helping teams understand the aero of a Trans-Am TA2 Mustang

Tim Barber
Tim Barber

TFB Performance used RapidScan and AirShaper to understand and optimise the aerodynamics of the Trans-Am TA2 racecar for its customers Read More

The technology behind the Sōr wheel

Alto Ono
Alto Ono

The Sōr wheel is a revolutionary new type of wheel that has been designed to automatically adapt its shape according to the riding conditions. This avoids the instability and buffeting issues which are common with other aero wheel designs. Read More

Our guide to the best Aerodynamic resources

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie

There are so many resources now available to develop your aerodynamic skills and knowledge, we decided to pick the best aerodynamic resources and list them in this helpful guide. Read More

EV Range - The Race For Aerodynamic Efficiency

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie

The case for streamlined cars isn't new - for decades, mankind has searched for higher top speeds, especially in racing. Read More

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