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Methodically collected benchmarking information, progressive software solutions and unparalleled capability helps your teams make better decisions, every day. From centers around the globe, our team of benchmarking and data acquisition specialists works closely with you to develop and implement an effective, organization-wide benchmarking strategy.

We have a proven track record of unlocking key insights for clients, enabling them to optimize design and materials, identify critical opportunities and amplify value-engineering results.

Joint offer with AirShaper

A2MAC1 has teamed up with AirShaper to provide "Aerodynamic Shape Benchmarking":
- The exterior of the car is 3D scanned by A2MAC1
- The scanned 3D model is analyzed by AirShaper
- The results are bundled in a database covering multiple vehicles.

The focus of this offering is to provide relative insights into the difference in aerodynamic flow patterns. In case more accurate absolute values (for Cd for example) are required, then AirShaper/A2MAC1can provide custom simulations as well.
We can help:
  • Deliver customized benchmarking reports on subjects of strategic importance to you.
  • Provide on-demand analysis on a wide range of topics, including: cross-market comparison, weight optimization, architecture / platform, commonalization, LHD/RHD studies, among others.
  • Propose solutions to help you overcome technical challenges to reaching your strategic objectives.
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