Streamwise ProCap real-time 3D flow measurement technology

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ProCap real-time 3D flow measurement technology

ProCap real-time 3D flow measurement technology
ProCap (Probe Capture) is a new and unique tool for real-time flow visualization and measurement. It combines the intuitive and simple handling of a smoke probe with the data content of tomographic PIV.

No more excuses not to measure!

ProCap is perfect for CFD validation as setting up is easy, measurement time short and the 3D dataset is immediately available for analysis and can be exported to standard CFD post-processing tools.

The detailed understanding of the flow allows you to tune your simulation parameters, quickly test innovative solutions and quantitatively assess the performance of your design.

  • ProCap Compact & Professional 3D flow measurement systems
  • Engineering services
  • System integration
  • Customized probe development
  • Optical tracking systems for wind tunnel applications
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Research & Teaching
  • Sports aerodynamics
  • Civil engineering
  • Wind energy
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