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Integration on your website

Integration on your website

Integration in your software

Integration in your software


Koen Beyers

Koen Beyers

CEO of Voxdale, design & engineering agency

"With Powered by AirShaper, we are now able to capture a part of the market we previously did not service. It’s the perfect way to open the eyes of people to see what is possible with simulations. That forms the perfect basis to start discussing our other engineering services."

AirShaper App

Benefits Lead generation & upselling for service providers

Software solutions

Boosting the functionality of your software with aerodynamic simulation capabilities, especially when all is integrated seamlessly in the background.

With the "Powered by AirShaper" API service you can:
  • Integrate aerodynamics as a service within your software
  • Provide a seamless experience to your users
  • Commit users to your platform through specialized plugins

CFD service providers

Computational fluid dynamis come in many different forms. Standard external aerodynamics are often the start of a bigger project.

With “Powered by AirShaper” you can:
  • Capture & serve the low-budget CFD market
  • Upsell custom simulations that go beyond the AirShaper offering
  • Run AirShaper simulations yourself at a reduced rate

Wind tunnel institutes

Physical and virtual testing go hand in hand. Combined, they offer the most compelling solution out there.

With “Powered by AirShaper” you can:
  • Engage with customers long before the first physical wind tunnel test
  • Complement physical wind tunnel testing with simulations
  • Run AirShaper simulations yourself at a reduced rate

Product design & engineering agencies

Aerodynamic simulations are always part of a bigger product design or engineering process, including concept design, prototyping and indstrialization.

With “Powered by AirShaper” you can:
  • Expand your offering into aerodynamics
  • Upsell other services within product design & engineering
  • Run AirShaper simulations yourself at a reduced rate

How it Works Boost your sales while we work in the background

We do this...

You don’t have to worry about a thing. AirShaper takes care of the entire implementation.

  • Hosting of your "Powered by AirShaper" platform e.g. (like platform).
  • Handling of all simulations, secure payments, invoicing and data storage in the AirShaper cloud
  • "Powered byAirShaper" logo on your local platform & on the automated pdf reports
  • Your own administrator account allowing access to your local users
  • Automatic updates on new features

...while you do this

Market & support your own "Powered by AirShaper" platform to connect with leads & customers.

  • Creation of your own "welcome page" (like the website)
  • Marketing & promotion of your local platform / plugin.
  • Customer support for your local users
  • Additional advice related to simulation results.

Trusted By

  • General Electric Renewable Energy
  • Deme
  • Aptera
  • Decathlon
  • MV Agusta
  • Vaude
  • Morgan Motor
  • Pal-V - World’s First Flying Car
  • Deme
  • A2Mac1
  • SenseFly
  • Sapim