Validation casesBuilding trust by benchmarking AirShaper

Fighter Jet Test
Wind tunnel testFighter Jet Test

SSAM-Gen5 – an open source test case for a fifth-generation fighter - comparing AirShaper to wind tunnel data

Wingtra fixed wind drone
Wind tunnel testWingtra fixed wind drone

AirShaper customer Wingtra validated the AirShaper lift and drag characteristics through wind tunnel testing.

Cessna 210
NASA wind tunnel testCessna 210

As an independent 3rd party, DAR Corporation benchmarked AirShaper against StarCCM+, Flightstream and NASA wind tunnel data.


AVL Racing compared automated AirShaper simulations to their conventional CFD software output.

Tesla Model Y
S2A wind tunnel testTesla Model Y

Benchmarking company A2MAC1 took a Tesla Model Y to the wind tunnel and compared the results to AirShaper simulation data.

Trusted By

  • General Electric Renewable Energy
  • Deme
  • Aptera
  • Decathlon
  • MV Agusta
  • Vaude
  • Morgan Motor
  • Pal-V - World’s First Flying Car
  • Deme
  • A2Mac1
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