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Porche 911
Increasing drone flight time SenseFly

There are plenty of options to keep a drone in the air: rotary wings, with their upward-pulling propellers, have great maneuverability but consume a lot of power to even just hover.

Porche 911
Fixing aerodynamics with F1 technology Porsche 911

Porsches get better with every model. And the recipe is quite simple: you take the previous model, improve every single bit and there you go - the new 911 is faster & prettier than the last one. It's basic evolutionary theory.

Matt Hall Racing
Winning the Red Bull Air Race Matt Hall Racing

Over the weekend, most people tend to relax: enjoy a barbeque, watch a movie, sleep in. Some people, however, get into their aerobatic airplane and compete in the Red Bull Air Race.

Blimp or drone? Both please. H-Aero

Have you ever wished you could fly over traffic? This h-aero® drone/blimp is designed to carry people and yet be fuel efficient!

Jaguar SVO Project 9
The future is the past. Jaguar SVO Project 9

What would a Jaguar from 2025 look like in 2050? It’s hard to imagine the future as if it was the past. Ivo Mukkulainen, student at the Lahti Institute of Design, took that challenge and combined typical Jaguar proportions with future technology.

Hello, Halo
Formula one’s safety feature Hello, Halo

If you follow F1, you may have noticed the black ring around the drivers’ heads. What is it? Does it actually help? Does it make the car faster or slower? Say hello to the Halo, Formula 1’s new safety features.

Joost Vandendries
Speed skiing over 200 km/h. Joost Vandendries

In a sport where speed is your main goal and you don’t have an engine to rely on, aero becomes all the more important. By using AirShaper, Joost Vandendries increased his top speed by almost 20 km/h!

Tesla Semi
Put to the test Tesla Semi

Putting the new Tesla Semi truck design to the test. What are the actual advantages of this sci-fi looking truck compared to those we all know? We put it to the test comparing it to a top brand.

AirShaper Origins Aquilo

A car designed around a patented aerodynamic concept. Using the wind to give an extra lateral push when it turns, it has an average 2 km/h advantage over other sport cars in high-speed corners. From Wouter Remmerie’s dream project to the Origin story of AirShaper.

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