AIRBUS Talks - Part 1/4 - Aviation Challenges


AIRBUS Talks - Part 1/4 - Aviation Challenges

For more information, visit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'AIRBUS TALKS' is a series of 4 videos with Julián Maldonado: he explains the ins & outs of aviation design and the America's Cup boats they help design. Part 1: Aviation Challenges In this first video, Julian explains the modern challenges in aviation and how they plan to tackle these. About Julian Maldonado: - Has been working at AIRBUS for 15 years - 10 years on aerodynamics: CFD, wind tunnel testing, flight testing - 2 years on flight dynamics: A320neo, flight test identification - 3 years on aircraft performance: project manager Typical general aviation challenges - related to the aerodynamics: - Safety first - Reduce emissions: CO2, NOx, Noise Aerodynamic focus points: - Laminar flow: reducing turbulence & drag - Improving the lift/drag ratio: improve performance & optimize the trajectory Improving the overall drag of the airplane: - Winglets: 2% drag reduction. Applied to every flight, this has a huge impact. - Laminar flow: the BLADE project focuses on improving laminarity on the wings to reduce the drag. Coming up next: Simulation techniques, wind tunnel testing & flight testing For more information, visit: #AirShaper #AviationChallenges #AirbusAerodynamics

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