AIRBUS Talks - Part 1/4 - Aviation Challenges


AIRBUS Talks - Part 1/4 - Aviation Challenges

For more on AIRBUS: - Part 2 - Aircraft design tools: - Part 3 - America's Cup Aerodynamics (1/2): - Part 4 - America's Cup Aerodynamics (2/2): 'AIRBUS TALKS' is a series of 4 videos with Julián Maldonado: he explains the ins & outs of aviation design and the America's Cup boats they help design. Part 1: Aviation Challenges In this first video, Julian explains the modern challenges in aviation and how they plan to tackle these. About Julian Maldonado: - Has been working at AIRBUS for 15 years - 10 years on aerodynamics: CFD, wind tunnel testing, flight testing - 2 years on flight dynamics: A320neo, flight test identification - 3 years on aircraft performance: project manager Typical general aviation challenges - related to the aerodynamics: - Safety first - Reduce emissions: CO2, NOx, Noise Aerodynamic focus points: - Laminar flow: reducing turbulence & drag - Improving the lift/drag ratio: improve performance & optimize the trajectory Improving the overall drag of the airplane: - Winglets: 2% drag reduction. Applied to every flight, this has a huge impact. - Laminar flow: the BLADE project focuses on improving laminarity on the wings to reduce the drag. Coming up next: Simulation techniques, wind tunnel testing & flight testing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AirShaper videos cover the basics of aerodynamics (aerodynamic drag, drag & lift coefficients, boundary layer theory, flow separation, reynolds number...), simulation aspects (computational fluid dynamics, CFD meshing, ...) and aerodynamic testing (wind tunnel testing, flow visualization, ...). We then use those basics to explain the aerodynamics of (race) cars (aerodynamic efficiency of electric vehicles, aerodynamic drag, downforce, aero maps, formula one aerodynamics, ...), drones and airplanes (propellers, airfoils, electric aviation, eVTOLS, ...), motorcycles (wind buffeting, motogp aerodynamics, ...) and more! For more information, visit

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