Airplane design #3 - Glider plane design

In this video, we’ll be discussing glider plane design. This time we interviewed the people at Friendship Systems, our partner company specialized in variable geometries for flow analyses. They have developed an interactive 3D web app to design a glider plane. It includes a first theoretical indication on the aerodynamics after which the 3D model can be sent directly to AirShaper for a full-blown 3D flow analysis. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wouter Remmerie Wouter is the Founder of AirShaper, an online, virtual wind tunnel. With this tool and these videos, we want to make aerodynamics accessible to everyone! Interested in more content like this on the field of aerodynamics? Make sure to click that subscribe button, we post new videos every week! Looking for a way to test your Aerodynamics projects without all the hassle and the huge costs coming with it? Check out and see how easy it can be!

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