Nascar in the Sky - Interview with Air Race E


Nascar in the Sky - Interview with Air Race E

For more on airplane aerodynamics: Peugeot designer's vision on aircraft design: Airplane aerodynamics explained: Glider plane aerodynamics: Air Race E is like nascar racing in the sky: Electric planes racing at speeds of 300MPH around an oval track just 10 meters above the ground! In this interview with Izan of Air Race E, we discuss how electric plane design is changing air racing and aviation as a whole: Concept Air Race E is a new class of motorsport based on electric aircraft. The format is similar to Nascar, with 8 airplanes racing in an oval circuit 10 meters above the ground. High-speed intense motorsport. Airplane Design - The front end of the aircraft The electric powertrain is a lot more compact and this allows for a more compact nose cone. Also, no air intakes are present, making it more streamlined. - Propeller layout Regulations will be opened up from single-axis propellers to distributed electric propulsion. This is a hot topic in the urban mobility movement with companies like Joby Aviation, Uber Air, Lilium, CityAIRBUS and many others. Distributed power along the wing becomes possible. Or putting the rotors at the wingtips to counteract the wingtip vortices & increase efficiency. - Battery distribution These can be located in the wing, tail, nose, ... the distributed weight allows for new architectures as well. - Part count There is a large reduction in part count & operational cost per flight hour compared to traditional fossil fuel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AirShaper videos cover the basics of aerodynamics (aerodynamic drag, drag & lift coefficients, boundary layer theory, flow separation, reynolds number...), simulation aspects (computational fluid dynamics, CFD meshing, ...) and aerodynamic testing (wind tunnel testing, flow visualization, ...). We then use those basics to explain the aerodynamics of (race) cars (aerodynamic efficiency of electric vehicles, aerodynamic drag, downforce, aero maps, formula one aerodynamics, ...), drones and airplanes (propellers, airfoils, electric aviation, eVTOLS, ...), motorcycles (wind buffeting, motogp aerodynamics, ...) and more! For more information, visit

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