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Automotive BenchmarkingA2MAC1

Introduction Methodically collected benchmarking information, progressive software solutions and unparalleled capability helps your teams make better decisions, every day. From centers around the globe, our team of benchmarking and data acquisition specialists works closely with you to develop and implement an effective, organization-wide benchmarking strategy. We have a proven track record of unlocking key insights for clients, enabling them to optimize design and materials, identify critical...


Founded in 1995, BOREAL3D is a distributor of high-tech equipment, a provider of optical measurement, reverse engineering and inspection control and an approved trainer.    OUR RANGE OF MATERIALS:  - ARTEC portable 3D scanners Eva, Space Spider, Leo and Ray  - RANGEVISION 3D scanners on a tripod  - SCANTECH portable 3D scanners  - INSPECVISION 2D, 3D measurements  - METRONOR MMT portable  - POLYRIX Surround 3D Scanners  - ISRA VISION checks for appearance defect  - STIEFELMAYER MMT and accessori...

CFD consultants
CFD ConsultingCFD consultants

CFD Consultants GmbH is an engineering company located in southwest Germany near Stuttgart. With over 20 years of presence on the market, we develop industry-independent calculation models around Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). As a leading service provider for technical calculations in a wide range of industry sectors, our customer portfolio ranges from big players and market leaders to small and medium-sized companies and startups. For all development projects around fluid mechanical ques...

Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH
Aeroacoustic Wind TunnelDeutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH

In today’s complex energy market, Deutsche WindGuard is committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and operational services, which are unbiased and manufacturer-independent. Our core areas of expertise are Measurements, Technical Inspections & Management, Offshore, Site Assessment, Consulting, Certification and our Wind Tunnel Centre.  Our acoustically optimized large-scale wind tunnel is operated by Deutsche WindGuard Engineering and located in Bremerhaven. Since the start of opera...

G-MET Technologies
CFD ConsultingG-MET Technologies

G-MET Technologies is a consulting firm located in the south of France at La Seyne-sur-Mer (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur) and specialized in CFD and FEA analysis. We provide cost-effective state-of-art services in the fields of fluid dynamics, thermal and mechanical analysis. Our YouTube channel (here) shows detailed examples of complex 3D transient analysis. As OpenFOAM® experts we can directly work in the continuity of Air Shaper’ services. In order to meet the growing research and industry re...

3D ScanningJF3D

3D-SCANNING Using the world-leading handheld 3D scanner Artec Eva, we are able to capture details down to 0.1 mm with high definition textures. We can provide all available file formats. These 3D models can even be used to market your products on different platforms or social media, such as Facebook.  3D-PRINTING We offer high-quality sandstone powder bed 3D-printing with a build maximum size of 254 x 381 x 203 mm. Choose between a white or 24-bit full-colour finish. Resolution: 600 x 540 dpi, ...

3D ScanningMapeex

Mapeex offers 3D scanning and reverse engineering for your components. In 3D scanning, we scan physical parts and components to create a 3D design CAD model, which precisely reflects the shape of the physical object. We have our 3D scanning facilities in the UK and Germany and also travel to the customer site.

Matrix CAD Design, Inc.
3D ScanningMatrix CAD Design, Inc.

Matrix CAD Design began in 2002 and has been headquartered in Charlotte, NC since 2006. With virtually no sales staff, our business has grown by reputation and positive word of mouth. Our success stems from our design expertise, our attention to detail, our dedicated staff of SolidWorks Certified Professionals, and our small company touch. At Matrix CAD Design, we are committed to satisfying our clients by creating the design they envision at an affordable cost and in a timely manner. At Matrix...

ProCap real-time 3D flow measurement technology
StreamwiseProCap real-time 3D flow measurement technology

ProCap (Probe Capture) is a new and unique tool for real-time flow visualization and measurement. It combines the intuitive and simple handling of a smoke probe with the data content of tomographic PIV. No more excuses not to measure! ProCap is perfect for CFD validation as setting up is easy, measurement time short and the 3D dataset is immediately available for analysis and can be exported to standard CFD post-processing tools. The detailed understanding of the flow allows you to tune your sim...

3D ScanningRapidScan3D

Rapid Scan 3D provides 3D scanning solutions for aerodynamic analysis or reverse engineering. We also carry 3D scanners that are geared for the gaming industry, entertainment visual FX, medical including O&P and reconstructive surgery, aftermarket automotive & OEM, art and heritage preservation and forensics.

Serval Global Design
Vehicle Design & PrototypingServal Global Design

Serval Global Design is one of the leading companies in the provision of design and development services for different industries. Our mission is to provide a wide range of services dedicated to the development of new vehicles and industrial products, from styling to engineering and from prototypes manufacturing to testing and validation.

Speed Engineering Solutions
CFD ConsultingSpeed Engineering Solutions

Speed Engineering Solutions is a process-driven organization helping customers develop reliable products by using advanced engineering techniques. Our team brings to table a high degree of technical expertise and domain knowledge enabling us to offer to our customers a wide range of solutions that include Product Design, CAD Modelling, and Detailing, FEA and CFD Simulations, Electrical and Controls Engineering and Sourcing and Vendor development.

Sports Tech Research Centre
Wind TunnelSports Tech Research Centre

Sports Tech Research Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre with a focus on applied science within the field of sports engineering and product development. The research of the centre is primarily within innovative development of and verification of products, material, technology and methods in the field of sports and outdoor activities, but also in rehabilitation support and equipment for the special needs of the disabled. Another part of the centre’s activities is within the area of addi...

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe
Engineering services supplierTOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe has been based in Cologne, Germany since 1979 and has built its reputation in motorsport, originally as Andersson Motorsport then later as TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH. Its competitive origins began with two decades of FIA World Rally Championship success, while the company’s facilities and capabilities expanded significantly during its time in Formula 1 (2002-2009). Since the end of that era, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe has combined works motorsport participation in the FIA...

Design EngineeringVoxdale

Voxdale (based in Antwerp, Belgium) is a design, engineering and research agency. Driven by technology, our team of product developers and engineers is committed to creating and developing high-tech products and systems that perform.   Voxdale supports its customers from the initial ideation stage up to building prototypes and industrialisation. By using simulations, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Voxdale is able to minimise the development path a...

Wolf Dynamics
CFD ConsultingWolf Dynamics

Our core business is consulting services in computational fluid dynamics, multi-physics simulations, design optimization and data analytics. To help our clients become proficient in the use of these advanced engineering tools we also offer training and mentoring services. Our mission is to deliver innovative, state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions. Your success is our success.

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