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Flapper Drones - Bio-inspired Flight

Matěj Karásek
Matěj Karásek

Bio-inspired flight draws inspiration from nature to make drones fly using bird-like wings Read More

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie

Adjoint optimization techniques have made it possible to automatically optimize the shape of a vehicle, athlete, plane or drone to improve its aerodynamic performance. Read More

The Oceanbird Wind Powered Vessel

Claudia Jiménez Cuesta
Claudia Jiménez Cuesta

The Oceanbird vessel claims a 90% reduction in emissions through the use of large sails to propel the ship. Is this the future of shipping? Read More

Vehicle Water Management

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie

Vehicle water and dirt management is a key area where manufacturers are investing a lot of resource. Using hydrodynamic and CFD simulations, companies can now model and optimise the behaviour of water flows and dirt particles. Read More

The Case of the Mercedes EQC Drag Coefficient

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie

The Mercedes EQC drag coefficient showed some interesting results when AirShaper CFD simulations were conducted with the car in reverse. What does this tell us about the aerodynamic behaviour of SUV’s? Read More

Camera Pod Aerodynamics

James Aarestad
James Aarestad

Trains may move in a straight line, but the aerodynamics are very fascinating: tunnel boom, cross-winds, efficiency and more determine their shapes! Read More

Rally Cars in Wind Tunnels

Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo
Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo

Aerodynamics aren't just for Formula 1 - More & more, they are becoming the key factor for a good Rally Car. This blog details how they have been tested in the wind tunnel over the past years. Read More

Pickup Truck Aerodynamics

Jelle Van Weert
Jelle Van Weert

The WLTP emissions regulations are putting tremendous pressure on pickup trucks and addons designed for them. This blog details how innovative aerodynamic design can help comply with regulations. Read More

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