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Wouter Remmerie

Building a Career in Aerodynamics - From learning CFD to wind tunnel testing to feeling the physics to landing a job

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie6/26/2020

Building a career in aerodynamics, whether it is in racing, aviation, sports or other, is not easy. In this blog post, we provide you with tips on how to get started

Laurent Bohez

High-Tech Classic Motorsport - Building High-Performance Race Cars with an Iconic Shape

Laurent Bohez
Laurent Bohez6/19/2020

A race car with the gorgeous looks of a 60ies racer and the tech of a modern supercar! Romance meets engineering is this blog post by Laurent Bohez.

Wouter Remmerie

Passion For Aerodynamics - The AirShaper blog about anything related to airflow!

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie6/12/2020

This blog is all about Passion for Aerodynamics - We discuss anything related to external airflow, including racecar performance, wind loads on buildings and beyond. And we're not the only ones with a passion for aerodynamics - anyone with a Passion for Aerodynamics is welcome to submit a blog post for review!

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