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Benjamin Rembold

3D Flow Measurement in the Wind Tunnel - A Formula Student Case Study

Benjamin Rembold
Benjamin Rembold8/27/2020

Visualizing the flow in a wind tunnel is a challenge. Using a state-of-the-art 3D measurement probe, the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich uncovered and improved the airflow around their eiger race car. Read More

Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo

Transforming Rally Car Aerodynamics - The Mitsubishi Lancer WRC04

Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo
Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo8/20/2020

Aerodynamics aren't just for Formula 1 - More & more, they are becoming the key factor for a good Rally Car. This blog details the pioneering aero work performed on the Mitsubishi WRC04 Read More

Koen Beyers

Formula E - Aero Mapping & Battery Tech

Koen Beyers
Koen Beyers8/13/2020

Dallara provides a ready-made chassis & bodywork for all teams in Formula E. But there is still plenty of room for technological innovation to make the car more competitive! Read More

Nicolas Berberoff Naval

Interview with Red Bull High Performance - Aerodynamics in Sports

Nicolas Berberoff Naval
Nicolas Berberoff Naval8/7/2020

Per Lundstam works at the Red Bull High Performance Center. He details how they blend aerodynamic technology with training to increase athlete performance at Red Bull. Read More

Wouter Remmerie

Aerodynamic Innovation in Times of COVID-19 - How to stay healthy in the long term without burning your cash

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie7/31/2020

Aerodynamics are often a crucial factor for the performance & competitiveness of products. So how can you keep aerodynamic development at a high pace when budgets are cut? Read More

Wouter Remmerie

Why AirShaper - Complementing the Big Boys - Ansys Fluent, Siemens StarCCM+, Exa PowerFlow and others

Wouter Remmerie
Wouter Remmerie7/24/2020

CFD Software packages come in many different sizes, prices and performance. Using the right one at the right time can greatly speed up the design process! Read More

Dr. Rainer Buffo

Looking beyond the Tesla Semi - The Betterflow Future Truck 2032 Concept

Dr. Rainer Buffo
Dr. Rainer Buffo7/17/2020

Tesla has opened up the race for the most aerodynamic heavy-duty truck. Betterflow shares its vision on truck design innovation by 2032. Read More

Vincent Keromnes

Benchmarking the Tesla Model Y - Different Ways to Analyse the Aerodynamics

Vincent Keromnes
Vincent Keromnes7/10/2020

The Tesla Model Y es extremely streamlined - In this blog post, we'll see how the physical wind tunnel and the virtual wind tunnel complement each other - using 3D scan data of the real car! Read More

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