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Volkswagen Golf Aerodynamics - How to cut emissions even further

Vincent Keromnes
Vincent Keromnes

The Volkswagen Golf is an automotive icon. Let's look at how they have improved the aerodynamics over the years, and what the future could hold in store! Read More

Big Wave Surfing - Simulating Ian Walsh's Ride

Nicolas Berberoff Naval
Nicolas Berberoff Naval

Surfing is an extremely dynamic sport, with biomechanics, aerodynamics & hydrodynamics coming together. Check out how Red Bull Performance Center and Falcon Pursuit helped improve Ian Walsh's ride through simulations! Read More

Specialized - How to Design Aerodynamic Road Bikes

Nicolas Berberoff Naval
Nicolas Berberoff Naval

Aerodynamics at Specialized - In an interview with Mio Suzuki, aerodynamics expert at Specialized, we learn how they combine simulations, wind tunnel and road tests to make their road bikes ever more aerodynamic Read More

Formula Air Grand Prix - Racing in the Sky

Lucas Marchesini
Lucas Marchesini

The Formula Air Grand Prix is a racing series in the sky created to advance Urban Air Mobility technology. Novel propeller, aerodynamics & drivetrain tech will make their way into aviation! Read More

Formula One Aerodynamics - An Interview with Dominic Harlow

Nicolas Berberoff Naval
Nicolas Berberoff Naval

Aerodynamics are a key element in the development & performance of Formula One cars. In this interview, Dominic Harlow describes his experience in F1 and how aerodynamics blend with other goals & limits on the car. Read More

Sailing Yacht Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics

Nicolas Berberoff Naval
Nicolas Berberoff Naval

Sail design & hull design used to be a fairly split business. But with the advent of foiling, the aerodynamics & hydrodynamics of sails & hull are increasingly working in harmony! Read More

3D Flow Measurement in the Wind Tunnel - A Formula Student Case Study

Benjamin Rembold
Benjamin Rembold

Visualizing the flow in a wind tunnel is a challenge. Using a state-of-the-art 3D measurement probe, the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich uncovered and improved the airflow around their eiger race car. Read More

Transforming Rally Car Aerodynamics - The Mitsubishi Lancer WRC04

Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo
Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo

Aerodynamics aren't just for Formula 1 - More & more, they are becoming the key factor for a good Rally Car. This blog details the pioneering aero work performed on the Mitsubishi WRC04 Read More

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