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Rally Cars in Wind Tunnels

Lluis Vazquez Vilamajo12/22/2020

Aerodynamics aren't just for Formula 1 - More & more, they are becoming the key factor for a good Rally Car. This blog details how they have been tested in the wind tunnel over the past years.

Pickup Truck Aerodynamics

Jelle Van Weert12/8/2020

The WLTP emissions regulations are putting tremendous pressure on pickup trucks and addons designed for them. This blog details how innovative aerodynamic design can help comply with regulations.

High-speed Train Aerodynamics

Claudia Jiménez Cuesta12/8/2020

Trains may move in a straight line, but the aerodynamics are very fascinating: tunnel boom, cross-winds, efficiency and more determine their shapes!

Airspeeder - The Electric Flying Car Racing Series

Nicolas Berberoff Naval11/24/2020

High-speed Octocopters with looks inspired by F1 cars from the 50s and virtual force fields to enbale real racing!

Rickshaw Aerodynamics - Drag at 15 m/s

Sheetalkumar Patil11/10/2020

The iconic Rickshaw. Designed last century, it has proven its worthiness. But as even this icon faces electrification, demands on aerodynamic efficiency and range are getting ever more serious.

Decathlon explains - Using 3D scanning & simulations to design aerodynamic helmets

Yann Le Fraillec10/27/2020

In cycling, aerodynamics are key: every mili-Newton of air resistance matters. So here's how Decathlon uses 3D scanning techniques and simulations to make drastic aerodynamic improvements!

Volkswagen Golf Aerodynamics - How to cut emissions even further

Vincent Keromnes10/15/2020

The Volkswagen Golf is an automotive icon. Let's look at how they have improved the aerodynamics over the years, and what the future could hold in store!

Big Wave Surfing - Simulating Ian Walsh's Ride

Nicolas Berberoff Naval10/8/2020

Surfing is an extremely dynamic sport, with biomechanics, aerodynamics & hydrodynamics coming together. Check out how Red Bull Performance Center and Falcon Pursuit helped improve Ian Walsh's ride through simulations!

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